Closed captioning in Zoom allows you or another meeting attendee, assigned by a host, to add closed captioning in a meeting. 

Captioning must be typed directly into Zoom. We do not have a third party service for captioning integrated into our license with Zoom. 

1. In your Zoom meeting that you are hosting, click the Closed Caption (CC) button on the menu bar. 

2. Choose if you will type the Closed Captions, of if you would like to assign someone to type. 

a. I will type: This will open up the closed captioning window. 
b. Assign a participant to type: This will open up the participants window. Hover over the participant’s name and click on More. Choose Assign to Type Closed Caption.


3. If you are the host and you choose to type the Closed Caption, the Closed Caption box will open automatically. You will type the caption in the box and press Enter to submit it.