1. Got to http://my.lsua.edu

  2. Enter your username and password, and select the Login button to go to your My.LSUA page.

  3. In My.LSUA, select “Self Service” located under My Accounts.

  1. Scroll down the splash page and click on “Continue to Self-Service” at the bottom of the page.

  • **Note – All tasks are arranged in tabs and sub tabs/menus under each main tab.

  1. To view class list, select “Classes” tab and then “Enrollment” in the sub tab/menu toolbar.

  1. Click on the “Class List” link from the left navigation menu and then browse to the year/semester and class.

  1. Once a class has been selected, you are able to print and/or download the roster on the left hand navigation menu.

8. If you choose to download your class list, select the download format from the drop down menu. We recommend choosing Microsoft Excel. 

Next, select the columns you want displayed in your downloaded file and click download.