Everyone can do this - there is an option for "All students have attended"

To report non-attendance (at this point in the semester this is only for Never attended)
  1. Log into Self-Service  http://selfservice.lsua.edu  or go through MyLSUA
  2. Click the Classes tab Or the Class List link on the home page
  3. Click Grading (just under the tabs at the top)
  4. Click on the course you are reporting  (NOTE:  Classes are divided by term,  if you are teaching a course with  a section number  that starts with a 2 or a 3 and ends with an ‘I’, you will need to select the Fall 2/session class as well as the FALL2 section)
  5. Click Attendance in the left column then click View Overall Section Attendance
  6. If everyone in the class has attended, scroll to the bottom and click “All Students Have Attended”

If any students have never attended, select “Never Attended” in the dropdown box next to their name. Repeat for each student, then click “Save” at the bottom of the page.