When setting up your gradebook for the first time, by default, your class will be displayed in a simple weighted mean. You have the ability to adjust the aggregation to your point style. The most frequently used aggregation types used are: Simple Weighted Mean, Weighted Mean, and Natural (formerly known as “Sum of Points). For more information about aggregation types, please visit this website: https://docs.moodle.org/38/en/Grade_aggregation

Which aggregation is best for me? The two most commonly used types used at LSUA are “Simple Weighted Mean of Grades” and “Natural” (formerly known as “Sum of Points”). Simple weighted mean of grades allows a running percentage total to be shown to the students. The course total should always reflect “100.00”. With natural aggregation, students are shown a running total of points earned out of the entire course total. For example. If you have three homework assignments valued at 25 points each, two exams worth 100 points each, and 5 discussion forums worth 10 points each, your course total would show a total point possible of 325 points. You should never manually override the course total. This could result in an inaccurate total for your students. 

  1. To adjust aggregation, log in to your Moodle course and open your gradebook.

  2. Select the setup tab.

  3. Next to your class name, you will notice three columns. Select the word “edit” beneath the actions column and select edit settings.

  4. This will allow you to customize the aggregation type for your course.

To view an article about using weighted categories in your gradebook, visit this article