To view an article about adjusting aggregations in your gradebook, visit this article

Some instructors want to give weights to grade items or “groups” of items.

  1. Following the directions above, select “Weighted Mean of Grades” for the aggregation of your class.

  2. Depending on the format of your assignments, you can either create categories with a weight or individual items.  By creating weighted categories, you are able to cluster assignments together to represent a weight in your class. For example, you may have something similar to the following for your grading breakdown:

    • Homework – 25%
    • Assignments – 25%
    • Attendance – 10%
    • Exams – 40%

Each one of the above mentioned would be categories that would house the assignments intended to be measured for that particular topic. In the following example, I have made my homework assignments worth 40% of the student’s course grade while exams will contribute 60% to the overall course grade. Notice that these are FOLDERS not actual grade items.